What is this? Edit

This is a page for those who have won a game of "Rage for Fame." Rage for Fame is a system of games that the people of The Milkman Crew play and compete in. The game is hosted by the Milkman himself! In this game the Milkman chooses a videogame that he believes is worthy to be raged for. The games that he chooses are always games that are extremely hard. The Milkman competes in this too, but it is fair since he is an honorable man. The way that it works is that he gathers as many of his friends in a chatroom and tells them of the game they will be playing. They are able to choose if they want to compete or not. Those who do compete will play this game that he has told them about. They will start it as soon as the Milkman does a countdown. Once he says 0 the game begins. Whoever finishes the requirements that the Milkman has set for them in the game first wins the game and is put on the Rage of Fame.

Winners of Rage for Fame!!!!!!!!! Edit

  1. Die Alone (Date moved to 12/6/15)