Noah Brooks "The Milkman" is the ultimate leader of the Milkman Crew. His origins differ and his pathos are vast in lore and folktales. He is believed to be one of the most powerful beings in the universe and is the founder of one of the world's most powerful families (and a close family friend).

Official Biography Edit

Birth Edit

Noah's birth is an oddity due to his parents. During a party in Texas, an intoxicated Wyatt McCormick had begun to make small talk with a baked Gerardo Escalera which led to events that they would both regret. Noah was born seven month later, making his birth even stranger. Gerardo quickly left and abandoned the child due to having alternative motives for himself. Wyatt, however, took Noah to the country that he ruled which was Bruteland.

Early Childhood to Young Adulthood Edit

Noah was raised in Bruteland by his father Wyatt and another wife of his, Colleen. He, however, never knew that Colleen wasn't his actual mother until later in his life. At the age of five, Noah received a younger brother named Liam. The two got along although they frequently competed due to Liam's high intelligence.

At the age of seven, Noah received another younger brother named Rico. The three brothers grew close together but were separated when Noah was thirteen. Their father, Wyatt, ordered them to all leave the household and to find their own success. Noah traveled wearily for years until he turned nineteen years old.

At the age of twenty, a psychic told him that he would find his success within a cow. After this, Noah traveled in search of a land that was filled with cows.

The Founding of the Republic of Milkland Edit

Noah Brooks' professional career as the Milkman and the leader of the Republic of Milkland began when he settled in the land of current-day Milkland and discovered megatons of milk flowing through the land. This large pocket of milk helped fuel his nation's economy. Wyatt was proud to hear of his son's success and encouraged him to find a wife. Noah decided to follow his father's advice and sought love in order to found a family.

The Adventures of the Milkman Edit